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Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand I was nearing my completion of the tried and true steps to becoming an adult. University? check! Job of 2 years? Check! Living independently away from home? Check! Ready for something more challenging and a whole lot bigger than Auckland, I moved to Berlin in April 2010. As a Kiwi, avoiding an OE is about as unlikely as Tom Cruise converting to sanity, although choosing Berlin made for a pretty bold move. Not being ready for adulthood and frightened by the multitude of friends marrying and contemplating children..it was time to gap. Armed with very little comprehension of the German language but a big yearning for all things unknown we set off on one big year adventure. I aim to provide insight into life on the other side and hopefully convince all those doubtful kids out there that you can conquer Berlin!

30 January 2011

get me some bangs

I realise this blog is supposed to be all things Berlin so my post is slightly unrelated. However, when I stumbled upon this website today I just couldn't turn down spreading the word. After a fairly big night of eating chilli and drinking too many tequila shots, this has been the perfect activity for a slow Sunday. For the girlies who may be contemplating a new 'do'. You can thank me later;)
Style your hair silly

28 January 2011

killer brownie

 Last Sunday the boy and I met up with our new Texan friend to enjoy brunch at Bekarei in the trendy Prenzlauerberg. A hearty straight-to-the-point breakfast menu, superb coffee and an array of cabinet goodies. Amongst these cabinet goodies was...Frischk√§se brownie. Oh the very thought had me foaming at the mouth all week.

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25 January 2011

blacky dress and models

I was lucky enough to take a peek at the new BLACKY DRESS BERLIN autumn/winter 2011 collection.
most sensational model

Top 10 'Fashion Week Berlin'
  1. Checking out everyone's steez
  2. Seeing a blue poodle
  3. Awkward manoeuvre around lady with giant tutu the width of at least 3 people 
  4. Limited edition diet coke bottle tower
  5. Being scolded by German Junge for attempting to take bottle from tower
  6. Making German friends who pointed out all the German celeb's 
  7. Impressed by all the old women looking fabulous in fur
  8. Mercedes-Benz creating personalized silver bracelets
  9. 3rd row for Blacky Dress
  10. Wanting an afro..
For a peek into the show, check the video here..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYe0MK8YwKw

20 January 2011

pretty cool things in Berlin.

I tutor some lovely kiddo's..with even lovelier Mothers who invite me to events such as; Bread & Butter and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Oh yes. Let me be heard very clearly, I am in the wrong profession. The good (lots of fur), the bad (too much silicone), the crazy (knee to ankle boot tassles) and the drool-worthy (a rather extensive range of college-style bomber jackets at Criminal Damage). Every possible outfit you could imagine graced the isles of the tradeshow today. Oh how I secretly long (not so secretly given Im blogging this), to prance through the crowds in faux fur vests, big sunglasses (despite B&B being indoors), lethal looking heels and a fedora hat..whilst furiously taking fashion notes. Lucky enough to get a free pass into the fashion industry today. Wow. So geared for tomorrow, the Blacky dress show - check it here. I only have all night to agonize over an outfit.

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18 January 2011

Winter sunshine

Yesterday I walked through the streets of Berlin with sunshine. The day before that I only wore a light blazer, Saturday I didn't wear any thick gloves. I see a pattern forming..increasingly warm Winter days. Whether the big bad subject of global warming will make an entrance in justifying this weather - Or, it's just a stroke of really good luck for a couple weeks. Either way, no complaints from my end as I'm enjoying dressing like a normal human being oppossed to woolly mammoth meets snowman. I do hope it lasts.
I would like to post more and include more pretty photos of what we've been up to, but my computer had a hissy fit. Replacing computer parts in Germany is proving to be somewhat challenging.
Well I miss you lovelies back home quite a lot actually.

Cheers EyErOcK97 for the picture

07 January 2011

I need your opinion

The Jailhouse(naughty word) Bed
Thinking of heading to this 24 hour bed in tonight. The venue is Noodles Noodles & Noodles..the owners were inspired by Robert De Niro's character in 'Once Upon A Time in America'. The company concept is pretty cool, having created "The Jailhousef*#! bed". The idea of a bed masquerading as lounge furniture. The proposed 24 hour bed-in makes use of these beds with a side of comedy, burlesque and bedtime story readings..complete with handcuffs. Open to interpretation. I can be on the slightly naive side of life at times so would love to hear your thoughts after checking out the links.

Hope you all have a splendid Friday,

04 January 2011

Alte Nationalgalerie

Pergamon Museum
Pretty blue brightening up the Fernsehturm
A spectacular blue skied Winter day put us in the mood for checking out one of the fine museums nestled in Museum Island. Alte Nationalgalerie houses a collection of Classical, Romantic, Impressionist and Modernist artwork. 
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03 January 2011

farewell twenty ten

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