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Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand I was nearing my completion of the tried and true steps to becoming an adult. University? check! Job of 2 years? Check! Living independently away from home? Check! Ready for something more challenging and a whole lot bigger than Auckland, I moved to Berlin in April 2010. As a Kiwi, avoiding an OE is about as unlikely as Tom Cruise converting to sanity, although choosing Berlin made for a pretty bold move. Not being ready for adulthood and frightened by the multitude of friends marrying and contemplating children..it was time to gap. Armed with very little comprehension of the German language but a big yearning for all things unknown we set off on one big year adventure. I aim to provide insight into life on the other side and hopefully convince all those doubtful kids out there that you can conquer Berlin!

27 November 2010

Weihnachtsmarkt Alexa

Thank you http://wishbringer.twoday.net/topics/Event/
I'm sitting in bed listening to 'Christmas In Africa - The Seraph Choir', whilst writing this blog..it's so interesting.  Some of the words I can definately make out, I wonder how they dance while they're singing?  I'm almost certain consuming too many gluhwein's at the christmas markets accounts for my sudden urge to engage in such behaviour.  So to the point already!  Tonight......I went to the Weihnachtsmarkt at Alexa.  You can see a pretty picture here.  There are many markt's scattered throughout Berlin, each with their own special feature.  Alexa is known to be the biggest and I support that claim, it is definately very big and happpening..imagine the Auckland Easter Show on crack, every epileptics worst nightmare.

3 perfect things that happened tonight during Weihnachtmarkt Alexa adventure
Lebkuchen that says I love you
  1. Ate popping candy flavoured almonds
  2. Drank Gluhwein (mulled wine) out of a little red boot while dainty snowflakes were falling:-)!
  3. Decided which ride I'm going on next time
I am truly in my element after visitng Weihnachtmarkt tonight with a fellow christmas enthusiast yayayyayayyayyy (too many y's!).  I'm sorry there are no great photos, Daniel nipped off to Spain and took the camera with him, boo.

FYI I switched from African carols to Frank Sinatra it's just more my thing:)  If you feel like plumping up your christmas spirit listen to this festive song :) 

love love

23 November 2010

Gimme Hunter's!

The forecast for tomorrow is snowwww. Can you believe that there will be snow in November?  If I were back in NZ right now I"d be picking out my new summer swimming cozzy and playing tennis in the weekends.  Booo.  On the other hand winter is a good time for buying great boots, making heart-warming meals and listening to dreamy music.  Equipment you need to make a wonderful winter day...

21 November 2010

The best toasted sammy's in town!

What a superb Berlin weekend, despite the rapidly descending temperature the weather is just beautiful and the friends are even better!  Friday I had a snazzy home haircut by a fellow Kiwi, (Ex-Stephen Marr hair design, tell me about friends in high places!  Wonderful perk yusss!) followed by many beers, nibbles and a very late bedtime.  A cozy Saturday night in, yummy dinner, movie and warmth.  For the first time in a while I faced a Sunday morning.  Not only was I out of bed before 11am, but I'd already served up some home-made muesli/grated apple/yogurt/coconut combo and was on my way home from a power workout at the gym.
I found this IKEA apple-corer in the cupboard this morning..pretty sweet!
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18 November 2010


Berliners from all different boroughs ventured out into the cold cold 4degrees to see the much anticipated Mathangi Arulpragasam (M.I.A) kick it at Huxley's.  Her music is described as hip-hop, electric, dance, alternative and recently my Itunes took it upon itself to categorize M.I.A  as world?

More after the jump...including video footage of Galang.

12 November 2010

East Side Gallery

Wikipedia says that East Side Gallery is a an international memorial for freedom.  1.3km of pure amazement, walking down what was the East side of the Berlin Wall reading quotes, photographing the works and fooling around makes for a perfect Berlin outing.  My favourite pieces from the Berlin Wall (Berlin Mauer).

Feel free to leave a comment if you'd like to find out the artist of a particular painting.

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11 November 2010

Potsdam Paradise

Potsdam, capital city of the German state Brandenburg and only a 24km train ride from the city of Berlin.  Aside from the cultural ambience, there are plenty of important things to note about Potsdam.
  • Potsdam is to Germany as Windsor is to England.  Schloss Sanssouci was the former Summer palace to Frederick the Great, King of Prussia.
  • The palace (schloss) of Sanssouci is an official World Heritage site.
  • Potsdam is home to Filmstudio Babelsberg, pre-war movie production company and the oldest large-scale film studio in the world.
  • Cecilienhof Schloss was host to the Potsdam conference (17th July - 2 August 1945).  The Soviet Union (Stalin), The United Kingdom (Churchill), and The United States of America (Truman) met to discuss the consequences of World War II. 

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02 November 2010

Ku64, the dental enthusiasts dream

Dear Pals,

Today I found out that the German water source isn't fluoridated, this news left me feeling as though I was missing out on having strong teeth.  Feeling betrayed by authorities for not informing me of this vital fact upon filing my Visa application, I made it my mission to find a stash of fluoride and some xylitol chewing gum..hehe. 

01 November 2010

Spook time!

 Germans fail to recognize Halloween and instead of stocking dress-up costumes, pumpkins and trick or treating goods they drown their shop shelves in Christmas goodies despite being 2 months premature.  Fair to say with no pumpkins or spooky candies in sight, it made for a difficult task finding a costume.  Not completely impossible though, after consulting my wardrobe I resorted to dressing as 'Princess of grunge' Courtney Love (not unlike my usual Berlin party outfits), Dan managed to pull off 'Where's Wally' effortlessly.  Coming from a mother who threw the best Halloween parties in the street, helped plan our costumes weeks in advance and even set up indoor trick or treating one year due to rainy skies, there was no way I was missing out on some spook silliness.  Friends over for casual bevvy's then an adventure to a Mexican friends birthday bash in Kreuzberg made for a spooktastic Halloween.  Having immigrated to Berlin from Bolivia her party was equipped with pinata and a slightly creepy shrine in honour of the day of the dead.

Daniel really is all you need to see, however there are more photos after the jump...