About the Relle

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand I was nearing my completion of the tried and true steps to becoming an adult. University? check! Job of 2 years? Check! Living independently away from home? Check! Ready for something more challenging and a whole lot bigger than Auckland, I moved to Berlin in April 2010. As a Kiwi, avoiding an OE is about as unlikely as Tom Cruise converting to sanity, although choosing Berlin made for a pretty bold move. Not being ready for adulthood and frightened by the multitude of friends marrying and contemplating children..it was time to gap. Armed with very little comprehension of the German language but a big yearning for all things unknown we set off on one big year adventure. I aim to provide insight into life on the other side and hopefully convince all those doubtful kids out there that you can conquer Berlin!

31 August 2010

An interview with the lovely Vivian Oberhollenzer

  1. Philosophically speaking, is the kebab half full or half empty? Half full
  2. How do you take your kebab? With love and vege's (fresh please).  Garlic, mayo, sweet chilli
  3. Do you have a nickname? Viv
  4. Best joint in town? Mustafa's, U-bahn station Mehringdamm.   

24 August 2010

Kebab Quest

This kebab is Berlin legit!

Doner Kebab (better known in Berlin as döner kebap):  Abbreviated döner and also referred to as donair, donar and donner.  Middle Eastern origin + lamb meat on vertical spit + sliced to order = deeelish!  Similar dishes are shawarma (Arabic), gyro's (Greek) and kebab (English).

I liken myself to the Hoff most days, particularly now that my knightly expedition has officially commenced.

20 August 2010

Dan and Relle do rural Germany

After our 2 hour journey on multiple trains we reach the region of Brandenburg and Templin.  A small 8 km car trip and we reach Dargersdorf.  There really is only 1 street in Dargersdorf, it's self-titled with a scattering of residential and bach type properties for a few of the well-off Berliners.  A to the MAZING..if you can manage an "in" (we have Casp to thank for our weekend away in Dargersdorf) then it's definately worth the trip. 

Amsterdam part 2..

Continuing on from Amsterdam (which feels like forever ago) we explored the streets, embraced the space cakes and wore suspicious looking emergency raincoats when it bucketed down with rain on our Red Light tour.